Friday, August 26, 2011

Baby Miller Goes to School

Today was sweet baby Miller's first day of "school".  He's going to our church one day a week this year.  I may have waited and started him next year, but Aiden's favorite teachers from when he was 2 are the teachers for this class and they really wanted Miller, so after some coaxing, I agreed.  Truth be told, I could use some time to get some stuff done!  Let's just say that Miller's favorite things to say right now are "Hold you!" and "NO!".  That combo doesn't allow much time for me to get stuff done:).  I was a little worried about how he would react to me leaving him.  My fears were totally unfounded, to say the least.  Miller was excited about going to school and he was workin' it for the camera!  But first we had to take big brother Aiden to his school:

Then it was off to South Tulsa Baptist for Miller's first day.  I told him mama wanted to take his picture in front of his school and he replied, "GO!".  That's what he says these days instead of saying yes when he wants to do something.  "Miller, do you want to go play?" "Go!"  "Miller, do you want to go outside?" "Go!"  "Miller, do you want to read a book?"  "Go!"  So precious.
I put his backpack on him, which he was really excited about and he stood there in front of the church posing for pictures for at least 5 minutes.  Both of my children are hams for the camera.  I have no idea where they get that from. 

 After I got several shots of him in front of the church, I told him it was time to go inside.  He started walking in like he owned the place, so I decided to just roll with it--taking pictures all the way.  He walked straight in and went right into the classroom that we go to every week.  He didn't understand when I told him this wasn't his class!  But, I told him to follow Ms. Staci (one of his teachers) and he went right into his room.

I stayed for a few minutes and he let me leave without so much as a single tear.  I guess the crying on the first day is for the mamas.  My little baby is growing up.  I am so happy and sad about that all at the same time.  It is such a joy to watch, but I know there will come a day when he won't need me so much anymore.  And I just don't know what I'll do with myself then.  I love you Bubba!

much love,


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