Friday, July 22, 2011

Sooner Magic

The weekend of April 15-16, we loaded up in D-dad's motor home and took the kids to Norman for Scott's annual alumni weekend for former athletes.  It is always a fun weekend for us and especially for Scott because he gets to talk about the old days with all of his buddies that he played with a new friends who played in previous and later years.  As always, Nana and Papaw were along for the ride with us and so graciously volunteered to watch the kids while Scott and I went to all the events.  The weekend always kicks off with a golf tournament, so Nana and I decided to take the kids to the Sam Noble Museum of Natural History while Scott was off playing golf.  It was a big hit with all of us!

Later that night, there was a dinner reception at the football stadium for everyone who was in for the reunion.

Us with Joe Washington, who is now the head of the O Club and a really nice guy. 

Barry Switzer was there too, but Scott threatened to break my camera if I even acted like I was going to go over and ask him to take a picture.  I have a little history of just walking up to celebrities and asking them to take pictures with me and/or my kids:)  For some reason, he thinks it's embarrassing.  I have no idea why:


I actually embarrassed myself a bit on this one with Boz.  I went up and asked him to take a picture with my son and then Scott comes walking up and it turned out that they were friends!  I felt really awkward about that!  But I got my cute picture anyway:)

Back to this year...... 

One of my personal faves.  It is so neat to me that my boys will get to grow up feeling like they are a part of OU and getting to do such cool things like go down on the field with their daddy. 

Aiden and Roy Williams.  I have to say that he is such a nice guy.  He and Scott were catching up while Aiden watched patiently.  He scooped Aiden up and gave him lots of attention; asking him what he wanted to be when he grows up and if he was going to play football at OU.  Aiden loved it!

It was such a fun weekend, as always and we can't wait to go back next year!

much love,