Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Miller at 12 Months

I know most of you are probably wanting a post with pictures of the new house.....but I am too much of a perfectionist and I want to wait until the house is done to post pictures.  We are getting close to being done, but are still in the phase where there is a new mess for every old mess that I unpack and organize.  It won't be too much longer, I promise!

So, for now I am going to show you some adorable pictures that Carissa took of Miller last month.  We didn't get as many great pictures as she would normally get because it was cold and windy and he was SUPER cranky.  But I think you'll agree that this first amazing picture is really all I need:

Let me just say that I am a picture nut.....If I could hang family photos on every wall in my house, I probably would.  I just love seeing pictures that remind me of a special event, moment or place and I hate to put them away in a closet.  So, when Aiden was born, we hired a wonderful photographer to take his picture every three months.  She is so talented and we have a little over a hundred pictures of Aiden from birth to 18 months.  That was when Ashley had her fourth(!) baby and decided to retire from photography.  Then we hired my amazing friend Quincie to take Aiden's two year pictures.  She is amazingly talented also!  That fall, Carissa decided to open her photography business.  Who can turn down family discount photography?!?!  Not this penny pincher!  So, Carissa has captured all of our family pictures since then and I am so grateful for it.  She is crazy talented and has given me some breathtaking pictures of my family.  She is so good at what she does, she has even done several segments on The News on 6.  I am so proud of her and so lucky to have her to capture my babies. 

Now, about a year ago, I convinced my husband to buy me a very expensive camera so I could start taking family pictures myself.  Then came baby #2......and there went my photography aspirations.  But, after looking at my book of Aiden's one year pictures that has over 100 pictures in it, I fast forwarded to a day when Miller would ask me why his only had about 40 in it.  And I decided to break out my camera and give it a try in my back yard at our old house.  Once again, he must have known I was wanting to take his picture because he turned into Mr. Crankypants.  But I did get a few good ones.  Not great, but OK.  I'm really hoping I can find time to take some photography classes in the near future so maybe I can improve my skills:) 

This last one was the shot I really wanted.  I already have a frame for it.  Look at those sweet little faces.  Love them!  I plan on going back to the location we took his first set of pictures in and getting him all dressed up again and attempting to practice some more.  Hopefully I will get to it SOON!

much love,