Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Birthday Blessings

One of the reason's April is a busy month for us is birthdays.  We have 3 in our immediate family: mine, Miller's and my mother-in-law, Dian's.  It's the month of cake!  I had a wonderful birthday this year.  It started with a family lunch complete with my mom's famous Italian Coconut Cream cake and having these sweet boys serenade me with "Happy Birthday"  I am so blessed to have such an amazing family.  Between my brother and I, we have five of the most precious, smart and talented kids on this Earth and I just love every minute I get to spend with them.  Here are my nephew, Easton, and Aiden singing to me:

I finished the day with a fabulous dinner with some of my friends.  I am so blessed to have some of the best friends a girl could hope for.  They have celebrated with me during happy times and helped me through some of the worst times of my life.  I am so grateful to God, my husband and my daddy for making it possible for me to move back to Tulsa four years ago.  It has been the gift that keeps on giving!  We had sushi at In the Raw and watched the sun set.  It was the perfect evening.

Next up was sweet little Miller's 1st birthday party.  What a fun day!  I decided to keep it relatively low key this year because of our crazy April schedule.  We had so much fun throwing him a jungle themed party. 

the birthday boy playing with his Nana (Scott's mom):

His new chair from Grammy J (my mom):

So excited for the cake!

Daddy had been in California all week and had flown back late on the night before the party.  All the excitement did him in and he fell asleep on the porch sitting straight up in his chair!

Birthday kisses for Grammy J:)  What a sweet boy!

All of the craziness that has been going on this month has got me thinking about what is important in life.  The most important things to me are God, my family and my friends but it seems like lately life has gotten in the way of these things being able to be a priority.  My goal for May is to change that.  Even if we aren't fully unpacked until winter, that's going to have to be just fine.  During the packing process, I have packed up everything that isn't vital to our everyday life and I've been amazed at what few things I really need versus how many things I actually have.  I'm thinking I need to just unpack the stuff that we really need and not worry about the rest.  Life would be so much simpler without so many "things" that don't really matter.

much love,


Friday, April 22, 2011

Soccer Fun!

Aiden started his first sport this year and we decided with all of his energy, it should be soccer.  I was more than a little anxious about how all this would go, but so far it has been a wonderful experience.  From the time Aiden was a baby, we could see that he was going to be a kid who loved sports.  He loves being outside, has TONS of energy and he has amazing hand-eye coordination.  Scott decided he wanted to be one of the coaches for the team and he has done such a wonderful job in leading and encouraging these kids.  His first game was April 2nd and he has taken to it like a duck to water.   

Miller came to cheer Aiden on....

  Daddy giving him some encouragement.....

When he scored this goal, he did a victory dance!  I have no idea where he gets it from:)

I can already see that he is going to be an athlete like his daddy.  And I'm going to love every minute of watching whatever it is that he loves to do. 

much love,


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Tooth Fairy and Pirates

A few weeks ago, Aiden had to have a tooth removed that had been damaged when he fell and hit it.  I was a nervous wreck about it but it had to be done.  So, I did what all mothers do when they are afraid.....I sucked it up and pretended I wasn't.  I was so nervous about him being given sedating medication, about what would happen during the procedure and about what he would feel like when he had a big hole in the front of his mouth where no other kid his age did.  As you can see, my fears were only for me.  Everything went well and he is happy as can be to show you his missing tooth. 

Putting his tooth in the box for his first Tooth Fairy visit:

I didn't get any pictures of his Tooth Fairy loot (let's just say she was feeling quite generous) becuase he was so excited to see what she left him that he woke up really early and I wasn't awake enough to realize I needed to grab my camera. 

As luck would have it, Aiden had a pirates and princesses themed birthday party to go to just two days after the procedure.  He was REALLY in character with a missing front tooth!

He was SO excited to go to this party.  I found him a pirate costume online and he asked every day if it was here yet.  We got a Backyardigans Pirates DVD and he has run around the house for weeks before and after the party saying "ARRRR Matey!" 

I was so worried that other kids would ask about his tooth and make him feel self-conscious about it or tease him about it.  But that was just my adult way of looking at it.  It has been weeks now and no one has said a word to him about it.  And if they did, I'm pretty sure he'd just show it to them and give them an "ARRRR!"  I need to  keep reminding myself that things are almost never as bad as I build them up to be in my mind.  One of many life lessons I'm still trying to learn.

much love,


Monday, April 18, 2011

If You Need Me, Look Under a Pile of Boxes

I just might be the worst blogger in the world!  I don't believe in excuses.....but I do believe there are reasons:)  And here are mine:


Oh my, oh my.....We are moving in ELEVEN days!  We were about to put our house on the market, but hadn't yet because I was terrified of how hard it was going to be to keep clean with two little ones following behind me making a mess all day.  Then one day, I was driving around with my mom and found a house that we loved.  We told them it would be a while because we had to sell our house.  They came and looked at our house and loved it and decided to buy our house!  I have to say that I know there was a special angel watching out for us on this one because a situation like this NEVER happens.  It especially never happens to me.  So, here we are moving during what is our very busiest month of every year.  CRAZY!  Here's a list of just some of the things we have going on this month:

Aiden started soccer and Scott is one of the coaches.
Aiden had oral surgery to remove a damaged tooth.
The valet wrecked my car and it's been in the shop for a week
2 concerts at the BOK Center
My birthday
Miller's birthday and party
Scott's OU athlete alumni weekend--including him playing in a flag football game!
Scott's mom's birthday
Our 10th Anniversary
And last, but not least.....Scott's job has had him traveling for 14 days already the past 4 weeks!

It's been a whirlwind to say the least, but we are on the downhill slide I think.  It's been busy, but it has also been a lot of fun.  I have 600+ pictures for the month of April alone to prove it:).  I am going to keep trying to blog whenever I can.  I hope you'll be patient with me!

much love,